Brown Recluse

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Two types of spiders often confused are the brown recluse and wolf spider. This is no surprise considering they look familiar. However, distinguishing the difference between these two is essential since one is venomous and the other is harmless.

Here is a look at the difference between the two.

Brown Recluse (Loxosceles reclusa)

Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse

Found primarily in the southeastern United States ranging from Texas to Georgia, Tennessee, and as far up north as Kentucky, brown recluses have a specific detail that sets them apart from typical wolf spiders. They are light brown in color, but it is the unique design on its neck -a violin- that is the notorious marking of a brown recluse. Also referred to as the “fiddle-back” spider, this marking makes it indistinguishable from a wolf spider.

Brown recluse spiders prefer to dwell in dark areas such as inside of boxes, which make them easily transportable to other locations such as bringing boxes from a shed into a house or relocating office supplies to another building.

Their bite is of a venomous nature and can even cause tissue damage. It is vital that you do not disturb one. Instead, contact AAA Termite and Pest Control to remove the pest safely for you.

Wolf Spider (Lycosidae)

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are found throughout the country. Grayish brown in color, wolf spiders are considered hairy, have a bar-pattern on their stomach, and are fast moving. Interestingly, they do not build webs, but are fast-moving, agile ground predators, hence the name “wolf.” Burrows and under rocks are their preferred dwelling areas. Usually, when you see wolf spiders, they are moving about from one location to another.

Unlike the brown recluse, the wolf spider does not have any noticeable markings. They prefer to eat insects, houseflies, and cockroaches – one more reason to get rid of these other pests too! Wolf spiders tend to seek the warmer climate, which means they begin to move inside at the onset of fall. They can be found around windows and doors, in garages, basements, and even houseplants.

Generally, a wolf spider bite is not harmful to humans, although it may cause skin irritation. Its bite could also result in redness and muscle pain to swelling and pain in the lymph nodes. Should symptoms persist, contact your doctor.

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