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Check out these Flea Prevention Tips

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Fleas are tiny, wingless, insects that survive by feeding on the blood of humans and animals. As parasites, their bites can cause irritation, discomfort, allergic reaction and potential disease. Most people don’t consider the nightmare of dealing with fleas until their pets, living areas or crawlspaces are met with an actual infestation.

Most homeowners cannot detect the warning signs of fleas. The good news is, our experienced Memphis pest control professionals at AAA Termite & Pest Control are expertly trained at identifying and treating this problem for you. Let’s look at some easy and effective ways to avoid a flea infestation in Memphis.

Six flea prevention tips

  1. Vacuum consistently. If you see a live flea anywhere in your home, know that the majority of their colony, known as a scratch, is unseen and still in the form of eggs, larvae, and pupae (cocoons). Vacuuming can help eliminate most of the flea population in your living area.
  2. Install a fence around your property. Yes, a fence won’t deter pests as tiny as fleas, but fences can keep out the wildlife that may be carrying those fleas.
  3. Keep your grass trimmed and your yard free of clutter. Tall grass or weeds can draw a wide array of pests, including fleas.
  4. Seal exterior gaps and holes. Fleas only need very tiny spaces to make it into a home or office space. Ensuring potential entry points are sealed off will greatly limit access for these pesky critters.
  5. Remove any leftover food particles from your property’s exterior. Exposed food fragments still carry a scent that can attract creatures of all sizes. Some of these animals may be carrying fleas as they arrive on your property to investigate the dining opportunity.
  6. Make sure your pets have some form of flea prevention. If you have pets, their behavior will be a prime indicator whether or not these troublesome pests have infiltrated your home. Flea and tick prevention for your pet helps to not only ensure your and your family friend’s own health and comfort, but also limits the potential for unwanted pests making it into your home.

Pest Control in Memphis, Cordova, Germantown and Collierville, Tennessee

The main cause for concern should not be the few bugs you notice here and there, but the potentially thousands more that are hidden in your walls and unseen by your day-to-day activities. Fleas, due to their tiny size and troublesome nature, can be especially difficult to overcome.

Your team of pest mitigation technicians at AAA Termite and Pest Control are expressly equipped to place preventive treatments to deter fleas from your property. If one of our technicians does detect any fleas, they can treat the infestation.

At AAA Termite and Pest, we have proudly provided residents and businesses with pest control services in Memphis and Cordova for over 40 years. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly rated by consumers with the Better Business Bureau. To schedule a free consultation, give our office a call at (901) 737-7378.