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What Should I do if I Find Pantry Beetles in my Cordova Kitchen?

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When searching for a snack or food item in your pantry, you probably don’t expect to find bugs like the Indian meal moth or beetles, known as pantry pests. Pantry pests include a variety of species that are found in dry goods like flour, rice, grains, cereal, and the like. You may not even notice these tiny bugs in your food, which is enough to make your stomach churn just thinking about it. But today on the blog, AAA Termite & Pest Control shares tips on what you should do if you find beetles inside your Cordova kitchen.

What types of beetles invade pantry food items?

Most bugs and insects prefer living outside, although pantry beetles look for safe, undisturbed areas to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, these areas may end up being your box of rice or another food item in your pantry. Common pantry pests include drugstore beetles, grain beetles, and flour beetles. The surprising fact about these pantry pests is that they don’t necessarily come from outside to live in your food items. These pests can lay their eggs during the production phase, which is why you may spot them in a brand-new food item that was just opened.

Why are pantry beetles a big deal?

Pantry beetles may not seem like a big deal, and in fact, they are harmless to humans. You probably have eaten pantry beetles without realizing it and if you did, they won’t make you sick. But that doesn’t mean eating bugs gives you a pleasant feeling! The problem with pantry beetles is that once discovered, you likely will not want to eat your contaminated food and will need to toss any food items tainted with these pests. Unfortunately, these beetles can spread rather quickly and infest multiple pantry items, which could end up costing you a lot of money out of your pocket by having to throw out a lot of your pantry food. But otherwise, these pests won’t harm you or bite you.

What’s the best way to prevent pantry beetles?

  • Always check the expiration date on your pantry items, even before you buy them. Throw away any expired items promptly.
  • Keep your pantry organized so that the newer items are placed behind the older items that aren’t yet expired.
  • Never purchase pantry items that are damaged.
  • Store open food items in air-tight containers.

While these tips can help prevent pantry beetles, you may enlist the help of a professional pest technician if you are dealing with an infestation. At AAA Termite & Pest Control, we offer pest solutions for common household bugs, including pantry beetles. Instead of wasting your money having to throw away your food, prevent these pests with regular pest control treatments. If you’d like to learn more about pest control services for Memphis homeowners or would like more information about dealing with pantry beetles in Cordova, contact AAA Termite & Pest Control today by calling (901) 737-7378.