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How to have a pest-free Christmas in Memphis

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With Thanksgiving behind us, we all anxiously await Christmas like kids this year. It’s been rough, with the pandemic and all, but AAA Termite & Pest Control wants to make Christmas a bit easier by providing tips on how to have a pest-free holiday in Memphis. Nothing can spoil your Christmas morning like discovering cockroaches or mice in your kitchen.

Clean the Kitchen

Kitchens tend to be prime areas of pest infestations, especially for cockroaches and mice during the winter. Why? These pests simply are looking for food, water, and shelter. And if your home meets their needs, they will set up camp in no time. Whether you’ve discovered one of these pests for the first time, or have witnessed multiple occurrences, maintain a clean kitchen. Keep cabinets wiped out, countertops cleaned, and sweep the floors regularly. Also, avoid leaving dirty dishes around the house, or in the sink.

Clean Food Preparation Utensils and Surfaces

This step is most crucial if you’ve discovered pests inside your home, specifically the kitchen. Clean and sanitize all food preparation areas, including utensils and surfaces to be used. Even if the dishes were clean when you put them away, rodents or roaches could have crawled all over them without your knowledge, leaving disease infested germs behind.

Store Food Properly

It’s a good idea not to leave food sitting out on the counter or packages open in the cabinets or the pantry. It’s one thing to have food spread out during a meal, but as soon as everyone is finished, store the food properly in a tightly sealed container. All open packages should be sealed to prevent pests from accessing the food. Remember also to keep your pet’s food sealed, and don’t leave extra food in their bowls after mealtime.

Take Out the Trash

Pests can find their way into a trash can, even if it has a lid. Taking the trash out daily, preferable before you go to bed or after your last meal of the day, is a good habit to as not to attract mice. Remove their food source, and they won’t plan on staying long! Even better, avoid putting food scraps in your trash can. Instead, send them down the disposal (if permitted) or dispose of them in the outdoor trash bin immediately. Just make sure to wash out your trash can to remove food debris as well. Especially after a bag has leaked.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum and dust regularly to remove dush and carpet beetles, which can destroy the carpet’s fiber over time. If you plan on having any guests stay at your home, check the guest beds for bedbugs, and give the room a good clean before guests arrive. You don’t want your guests leaving with unwanted hitchhikers of their own!

Pest-Free Christmas in Memphis and Cordova

If you still experience pest issues even after following our tips, contact AAA Termite & Pest Control by calling (901) 457-1117 to schedule a consultation today. Our year-round pest control services in Memphis can ensure that your home remains pest-free not only during