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Is that a Mouse in your Wall? Here’s How to Tell

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Mice aren’t just a pest and a potential health hazard. They also can be a destructive force wreaking havoc throughout your home or business. Mice can chew their way through construction materials like wood, sheetrock, paneling, and insulation. Rodents are notorious for burrowing and building nests inside of walls. Their constant gnawing and wiggling can be loud and irritating, enough to drive you crazy if you’re trying to watch TV or sleep! Today on the blog, our Memphis pest control company shares how to find out if that noise emanating from your wall is a mouse and what to do about it.

Follow these tips to determine if a mouse is making those noises in your walls

  • Is it day or night? – Mice are nocturnal and, thus, more active at night. Other animals, such as squirrels, are more active during the day. If you hear noises in your walls after dark, there’s a safe bet that mice are the culprit. If the noises mostly occur during the day, another pest may be the issue.
  • How much noise? – A mouse is a small creature and, as such, is only going to make a certain amount of noise. The larger the pest, the louder the noise, although the noise level isn’t always the best way to determine what’s living inside your walls.
  • Look for droppings – Mice leave a trail of evidence: specifically, small black droppings that you can find everywhere that they’ve been. If you have mice in your home or business, you may find their feces in areas such as attic voids, behind objects in a storage area, the backs of shelves and kitchen drawers, or at the rear of cabinets under your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Therefore, if you spot mice droppings inside your home or attic, there is a higher likelihood that the sounds you hear in your wall could be a mouse.
  • Holes – As mentioned earlier, mice chew their way through all sorts of items and substances. If you notice strange holes in your wood, upholstery, or weatherstripping, these can all be signs of a mouse infestation. Remember, mice are smaller than rats; most mice can fit through a hole about the size of a dime, while rats need larger holes.
  • Nests – Mice can build nests in small spaces, like gaps, crevices, or inside your building insulation. They prefer to do so in attics, where they usually can find more materials for making their nests. Therefore, if you spot these materials formed into a nest, a mouse likely did it!

Treating Rodent Infestations in Memphis

Once mice get into your home and into your walls, it can be quite a chore to remove them. This task is beyond even the most renowned do-it-yourself property owner. You want an experienced and highly trained pest control professional to remove them. AAA Termite & Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to provide pest prevention solutions, even for mice. We can remove rodents from your property and also offer prevention services, making it more difficult for mice or rats to infiltrate your home or business in the future.

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