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Why DIY Pest Control is a Bad Idea

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Many homeowners have that do-it-yourself, or DIY, mentality and enjoy tackling household projects themselves. But there are certain needs or situations when hiring a professional makes sense so that you get the best results and avoid throwing away your money on solutions that don’t work. Pest control is one of those matters best left to the professionals. Scour the internet and you’ll find advice for DIY pest control, but unfortunately, those remedies may only worsen your pest problem. Today on the blog, our Cordova pest control company shares why DIY pest control is a bad idea.

You probably won’t solve the issue

Most store-bought pest solutions aren’t likely to get to the root of the problem. While they can kill the current bugs you see, they won’t kill infestations, eggs, or colonies at their source. Additionally, most pest infestations must be treated at the source if you want to reduce the number of bugs you see inside your home. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to reapply the over-the-counter products more frequently. The best, long-lasting solution is year-round pest control treatments administered by a professional.

You could have an accident

Store-bought pest solutions can be dangerous, and you could expose yourself to harmful chemicals if you do not have the proper training to administer them. Most homeowners don’t take warnings and instructions seriously when it comes to applying pest control chemicals, but it doesn’t take much to accidentally inhale fumes from the sprays or get the chemicals in your eyes because the wind changed direction. Incorrect application could put you, your family, or your pets at risk. But it’s not just the chemical solution that poses a threat. Attempting to spray or kill dangerous insects like wasps or yellow jackets could result in you being stung or chased by a swarm. Being stung by these pesky flying insects could be harmful or potentially dangerous, especially if you are allergic to their stings.

You could use the wrong product

If you’ve never dealt with DIY pest control before, you may be confused as to the best product to choose. Unfortunately, due to a lack of experience and expertise, you may end up using the wrong product, yielding ineffective results and wasting your time and money. Professional pest control experts are trained to identify common household pests so that they can choose the best pest solution for your home’s needs.

What’s the problem with natural pest control remedies?

There are many claims online of natural pest control remedies like planting specific types of herbs and using essential oils. And while some of these remedies may help a little, they aren’t treating the infestation at its source. You’ll likely continue seeing bugs and spiders until their colonies or eggs are killed or removed and unfortunately, natural home remedies aren’t effective at either of those tasks. Therefore, the best way to reduce pests inside your home is with professional pest control treatments.

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