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Why you need Pest Control during the Winter

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Most homeowners associate pests with the warm temperatures of summer. Bees, ants, termites, and mosquitos are some of the most common pests in warmer seasons. But winter weather forces cockroaches, mice, and spiders inside. Both cockroaches and mice are known to carry and spread diseases to humans through bites or their droppings. And here in West Tennessee, poisonous spiders such as the brown recluse and black widow are commonly found in households. Plus, a variety of pests are known to make asthma and allergies worse. Today on the blog, we share reasons why you need pest control during the winter.

Why Pests Come Inside During the Winter

It’s no surprise that pests love warm weather, which is why we see many varieties of bugs outdoors during the spring and summer. But that’s exactly why they make their way inside your home once the temperature drops. Pests come inside during the winter in search of food and shelter. They don’t know the difference between the inside or outside of your home. They’re just following their instincts!

Where do pests like to hide?

Pests typically like to hide in undisturbed areas such as underneath furniture, inside of boxes, in your attic, crawlspace, or closets. Kitchen cabinets and pantries are also common areas for pests, especially since this area provides food crumbs and improperly sealed food that pests can easily access.

How do pests enter my home?

Bugs are usually quite small and likely enter through the tiniest openings around plumbing, electrical wires, and vents. Often, these openings are hard to spot and easy to overlook. However, mice can enter through holes as small as a dime! If you discover mice or other pests inside your home, there are steps you can take to prevent them from entering. Plus, find out how to eradicate the pests already living in your home.

How to Prevent Pests During the Winter

  • Seal cracks and holes – These openings can be found anywhere throughout the exterior of your home. Check around entry points where plumbing and electrical wires enter through the walls. Also, check around for holes or cracks in your siding, soffits, or mortar. Any holes or cracks should be properly sealed to prevent pests.
  • Eliminate moisture – Specifically in your basement and crawlspace, where pests are most prone. This may involve hiring a professional contractor to help with any grading issues or to install a sump pump to prevent water from collecting inside your crawlspace or basement. Keep gutters free of debris to prevent overflow that may cause soffits or facer boards to rot.
  • Repair broken doors or windows – Pests can enter around cracked or broken windows. Ensure all doors and windows are properly sealed when closed, which may require updating your weather stripping. Check around doors to see if there are any gaps where pests could enter.
  • Reduce the clutter in your home – Bugs and rodents love to hide. The more clutter you have inside your home, the more hiding places there are for pests. Keep clutter to a minimum, and store unused items in sealed containers instead of boxes. Also, clean your home frequently by dusting, vacuuming, and avoid leaving food or dirty dishes out. Ideally, take the trash out at the end of the day, and avoid leaving leftovers or scraps in the garbage overnight.
  • Ensure you have vents or screens over chimneys and vents – This may be difficult to access if you are unable to get on your roof safely. You might consider hiring a professional to inspect your roof vents or chimney to ensure they are properly covered with screens.
  • Store firewood properly – It may be convenient, during the winter, to store firewood on your porch. But this attracts pests. Ideally, keep firewood stacked away from your home. Only bring in what you will be using for the day, instead of stacking extra wood, which could harbor pests, inside your home.
  • Maintain garden beds and landscape – Keep shrubs and trees near your home trimmed so that their branches do not touch the siding or roof, providing direct access for pests. Avoid spreading mulch directly against your home’s foundation.

Pest Control Treatments Year-Round in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

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