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The Importance of Total Termite Control

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Five billion dollars. That’s how much property damage that termites are estimated to do each year. Do not let the small size of these insects fool you. They are a significant threat to a wide variety of structures and, because they are so small, they can remain hidden in concealed spaces for quite some time – all while building their colonies and devouring the structure of homes and businesses just like yours. There is no guaranteed failsafe method of protection against termites, but your best defense is termite control services, provided by a professional pest control company. Read on as, today on the blog, AAA Termite & Pest Control explains the importance of total termite control.

The challenge of detecting an infestation of termites

The hard truth is, by the time you see any termites crawling or flying in or around your home, you likely are dealing with a full-blown infestation. Termites are adept at finding hiding places in the nooks, crannies and crevices of your home. Once they set up shop, termites go to work and don’t stop. They keep at it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Termites eat as much as they work, targeting the wooden structures in your home and anything that contains cellulose: drywall, foam and certain forms of plastic also are potential targets. And because termites feed from the inside out, they can do serious damage to structures before they are discovered. The possible targets in a home include the wood framing, support beams, drywall and insulation.

Your best defense against a termite infestation is termite control, as administered and overseen by experienced pest professionals.

How can you prevent termites?

  • Dry out: The only thing termites like more than wood is damp wood. When wood becomes wet, it increases the quantity of cellulose within it, making that wood especially enticing to hungry termites. Watch for any leaks or water-related issues in or directly outside any building on your property.
  • Watch for loose wood: Any wood debris near your home is a potential food source for termites. This includes firewood, construction lumber, compost, mulch, loose branches or even sawdust. It only takes a little bit of wood to lure a termite colony onto your property.
  • Seal gaps: The smallest gap in an exterior wall or foundation of a building can become an entry point for tiny termites. Make sure to seal any of these cracks, denying your termites these openings into your home or business.

What is professional termite control?

Termite control combines inspections and treatments to deter termites from infiltrating a building on your property. If you’re seeing signs of termite activity, then treatment becomes the first priority. Otherwise, the first step is to inspect your property for potential problem spots or points of entry for termites. Next, one of the professional technicians at AAA Termite & Pest places preventive treatments to deter termites from infiltrating your home or business.

Professional termite control in Memphis and Cordova, Tennessee

You’ve invested in your property. Now invest in it by investing in professional termite control, administered by the experts at AAA Termite & Pest. Schedule a consultation with one of our technicians today. Just call (901) 737-7378 or contact us online.