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What to know about the New Dangerous Mosquito Species

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Enjoying a beautiful summer night outdoors often gets interrupted by pesky, biting mosquitoes. Unfortunately, mosquitos are incessant and can be such a nuisance that it alters the ambiance of your outdoor event or relaxing time. Additionally, mosquitoes can carry a wide variety of diseases transmitted to pets and humans, sometimes causing more severe health problems than an itchy rash. The Memphis mosquito control experts at AAA Termite and Pest Control share on the blog today what you need to know about the new dangerous mosquito species and how to protect your family outdoors during this warm-weather season.

A New Threat

Aedes scapularis, a newly discovered mosquito species, can transmit diseases such as yellow fever, dog heartworm, Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, or other dangerous pathogens. The non-native pest lives in a wide range of areas from Texas to parts of South America and the Caribbean. Additionally, several Florida counties report a widespread population that may thrive and multiply in the favorable environmental conditions. According to the Cordova mosquito control company, an ecological niche modeling algorithm predicts species breeding and distribution in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Increase Awareness and Vigilance

With the findings, researchers encourage exercising precautions when going outside during the warm-weather seasons. You can use insect repellent sprays or citronella candles to help keep mosquitoes at bay, but they aren’t a foolproof plan to keep them from bugging you.

Professional pest control companies in Memphis recommend the following items to reduce your risk of mosquito exposure

  • Keep vegetation pruned – Pruning foliage around your home can limit your backyard insect population, including pesky mosquitoes.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors at night – Outdoor activities during dusk and evening can bring more mosquitoes, especially when wearing dark-colored clothing.
  • Remove standing water – Mosquitoes grow and thrive in areas of standing water, so examine your property for collections of water and eliminate them immediately.
  • Keep pets indoors at night – Pets left outdoors overnight are more likely to get mosquito bites that could transmit heartworm disease.
  • Hire a pro – One of the best ways to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property is to hire a professional pest control company in Memphis that provides mosquito treatments.

Take Control of Your Backyard

Homeowners across the world seek methods to rid their backyard of pesky bugs and mosquitoes so that they can enjoy the outdoors without getting “bugged.” Whether the mosquito species poses a health risk or not, your property can get protection from them from early spring to fall. Cordova pest control services use various services like misting systems or barrier spraying to help control mosquitos in your backyard so that you can reclaim your backyard this season.

Mosquito Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Protecting your property from pesky pests can be challenging with standard treatment methods. Memphis’ pest control professionals use methods that work to make your backyard fun once again. Say no to more mosquitos and yes to more relaxing outdoors. To learn more about mosquito or pest control services for your property or home, feel free to call AAA Termite and Pest Control at (901) 737-7378 or contact us online for a consultation today!