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Why Year-Round Pest Control in Memphis is Worth It

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Your home is supposed to be a haven, a place of relaxation, where a lifetime of memories is made. Inviting extended family and friends into your home may be the norm, but allowing pests to invade your home is another story. The experienced Memphis pest control company, AAA Termite & Pest Control, explains that your comfortable abode is no place for unwelcomed pests, and it should remain protected year-round.  Understanding the impact pests can have on your home and health can explain why professional pest control services are necessary throughout the year.

Pests Cause Illness

While some pests that enter your Memphis home are harmless and often seeking food, water, or shelter from the outdoor elements, others like roaches, mice, and fleas are known to spread diseases, parasitic worms, or bacteria through your home. These pests can easily contaminate food prep surfaces, leave droppings behind, or could even bite humans, causing sickness.

Pests May Bite or Sting

Memphis is home to many pests that bite or sting could have an unpleasant interaction with you, your partner, children, a pet, or even a guest. Sometimes when these insects enter your yard, they often go undetected, so it can be challenging to treat them immediately. However, the qualified pest control technicians in Memphis near you can protect your home from ticks, mosquitos, wasps, and many other pests with stinging insect removal. So, protect your family from biting and stinging insects that can leave red marks or painful wounds with year-round pest control services.

Pests Can Damage Your Home

Damage to your home can be detrimental to your property value and create an unsafe space for you and your family to live. With carpenter antstermites, and wood-boring beetles in the Memphis area, you may end up with structural damage that can be costly to repair. The professional Memphis pest control company recommends a proactive approach to pest control because it protects your home’s structure and equity. Since wood-destroying insects never truly go dormant, year-round termite protection is essential for Memphis homeowners.

Pests May Damage Personal Property

Once a pest enters your home, everything is up for dibs. Pests don’t know the difference between your antique wooden chest or the wood found outdoors. Heirlooms, keepsakes, and expensive belongings don’t have a price tag when it comes to pests. As they make themselves at home, silverfish will chew on your books, magazines, and important papers. The carpet beetle and clothing moths are famous for eating holes in clothing or other fabrics. Mice and rats often chew on furniture and create holes in the upholstery to build nests. Sometimes, pest feces alone is enough to destroy personal belongings. Fortunately, no matter which pest is damaging your property, the knowledgeable pest control technicians in Memphis provides pest control treatments to reduce the number of bugs you see inside your home.

DIY Vs. Professional Pest Control

Spotting a spider or two may prompt you to search DIY pest control solutions on the internet. Although there are some quality answers, most solutions do not keep pests from entering your home. By trying the DIY route, you could spend more time, money, and energy on the problem than the cost of hiring a Memphis pest control expert. With expansive industry knowledge and experience, the technicians at AAA Termite & Pest Control can effectively rid your home from pests in a short time with quality treatments that protect your family, your property, and your home.

Pest Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Pests are often unwanted guests in your home, but somehow, they still find a way inside. An encounter with pests may prompt you to inquire about pest control. Keep in mind that pests may attempt to enter your home at any time of the year, no matter the season. Therefore, it is critical to hire a quality pest control company in Memphis year-round to increase your home’s safety and value. Feel free to call AAA Termite & Pest Control at (901) 457-1117 or contact us online for more information about how we can protect your home from unwanted pests!