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How not to let Household Pests Ruin your Holidays

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The holiday season means a time for friends and family to gather, but no one plans for, or wants, a pest infestation during the “most wonderful time of the year.” Read on as AAA Termite and Pest Control, a leading pest control company in Cordova, explores how to keep household pests off your holiday guest list this year.

Inspect any live decorations

There’s nothing like the look and smell of a live Christmas tree. When you bring that tree into your home, you also might be bringing in some unwanted creatures: bugs, birds, or rodents, to be precise. After buying that perfect tree, give it a thorough inspection before taking it home. Look for any pests or signs of little travelers, such as webbing, nests, egg sacs, and cocoons. You’ll want to inspect any other holiday greenery the same way—wreaths, garland, etc. To prevent bugs and pests from hitchhiking on your Christmas tree, try dusting your tree in an insecticidal powder that kills bugs. Just be sure to shake the tree off before bringing it inside.

Check your stored decorations

Most of us have decorations we use every year, whether they be artificial trees, ornaments, stockings, or outdoor décor. And many people also store these items in areas where pests like to congregate—attics, garages, and basements. You want to unpack any of these containers outside and check them for pests. Your stowaways could be bugs or spiders, some of which can bite, so we suggest putting on a pair of gloves. Remember, you can prevent the likelihood of pests infiltrating your holiday decorations by storing everything in hard plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. You also want to avoid storing items that may attract pests, such as decorations with actual food like popcorn or gingerbread.

Stop pests before they can enter your home

You want to avoid placing anything outside your home that could attract an infestation, such as bags of trash, any discarded food, or firewood. A fire during the holidays can provide great nostalgia and comfort. But that firewood can be a hideout for all sorts of pests: spiders, scorpions, rodents, insects, termites, and more. That’s why your Memphis pest experts recommend you store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home, ideally on a platform that is elevated off the ground.

Your best protection against pests, no matter the time of year, is to enlist the services of pest control professionals to service your home. At AAA Termite & Pest Control, our technicians have expertise with all types of pests common to the areas of Memphis and Cordova in Tennessee. We offer one-time services or, for maximum peace of mind, can place your home on a protection plan with regular treatments on the exterior of your property. To find out more about a protection plan or any of our services, call (901) 737-7378 today.

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