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Most Common Pests in Cordova, and how to get Rid of Them

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Insects are everywhere, but certain types are known to infiltrate homes and businesses, causing an infestation. Bugs seek shelter and food indoors. They don’t know the difference between an old barn, the woods, or your fancy home. Still, don’t be fooled into thinking that pest problems are something that happens to people with old, dirty homes. Ants, spiders, mice, and other bugs don’t discriminate. It’s true that they are attracted to squaller, but any house with entry points and some crumbs will do. You might not be a bug expert, but knowing how to identify these pests is your best defense. Today on the blog, AAA Termite & Pest Control share the most common pests in Cordova and how to get rid of them.

Bed Bugs

If there’s one bug that makes your skin crawl, it’s the bed bug. These tiny, almost unseen pests can quickly infest a home or business. Since they are hitchhikers, bed bugs are easily transported on clothing, furniture, boxes, bags, cloth suitcases, and anything fabric. Bed bugs feed by biting you in your sleep, which is why they can survive anywhere there is a host. It doesn’t even matter how clean or dirty your house is – bed bugs are after you, not your home.

Bed bugs are most often found on mattresses, specifically along the mattress’s cervices, under bedding, and on cloth furniture. If you notice tiny red bites on your body when you wake up each morning and more continue appearing each day, check your bedding for bed bugs. Bed bug infestations respond best to professional treatments as soon as they are spotted.


There is a myriad of different types of cockroaches. Still, roaches are usually easy to identify as they thrive in the dark, and consume any kind of natural product, although sugar and protein are their favorites. The bad thing about roaches is that they prefer to stay hidden. So, if you see one scurrying across your floor, the chances are that many more are unseen in your walls, underneath the flooring, in cabinets, and behind appliances. Roaches are most often found in the kitchen or near water sources, like underneath sinks. Still, you may see roaches anywhere inside your home or business if you are dealing with an infestation.


Ah, the dreaded termite! These pesky wood-destroying insects account for billions of dollars worth of damage annually as they destroy homes and other wooden structures. Termite swarms begin in Memphis during the dawning of spring, which is right about now. The subterranean termite is the type most often found in Tennessee. If you notice mud tubes along the foundation of your home or in your crawlspace, sawdust, squeaky floors, or see swarmers entering your home, you could have a termite infestation. The only way to eradicate termites is to hire a professional. Ideally, you should hire a pro to handle your termite problem at the first sign of an infestation. Homeowner’s insurance policies generally do not provide coverage for termite damage. So, ignoring the problem will only make repairing it more costly.


Spiders are nature’s natural pest control solution because they prefer to eat other smaller bugs. So if you see a lot of spiders inside your home or business, it’s likely because other tinier bugs are lurking. While spiders usually won’t bother humans unless provoked, they may make your skin crawl at the sight of one in your home. Poisonous spiders like the black widow and brown recluse are the most dangerous ones to worry about. But if you don’t like the idea of arachnids lurking about your house, professional pest control in Cordova can help.

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Bugs and spiders inside your home or business are called pests for a reason. Whether you’re concerned about a possible termite infestation in your Memphis home or need a bed bug inspection for your apartment in Cordova, AAA Termite & Pest Control is here to help. Just call our office at (901) 737-7378 to schedule a consultation today.