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Pests to look out for this Spring

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The arrival of spring comes with fresh leaves on the trees, beautiful flowers, and, unfortunately, pests. With the warmer temperatures that permeate the ground during longer days, insect eggs begin to hatch and emerge. Warmer temperatures often bring ladybugs to window sills from hibernating in the walls and attic spaces. You may also see stink bugs may appear around patios and porches where they rested through the winter. The number of pests that emerge during the spring can seem overwhelming. However, the professional pest control company in Memphis provides year-round pest control services.

Below we share pests you should look out for this spring and how to know when it is time to call AAA Termite & Pest Control.

  • Ants– As the weather warms, ants become more active and begin to send scouts for food. Since most species build their nest in structural walls or next to foundations, it gives them an easier path to enter your home. In that case, you may experience an increase in ants around your home. As the ants become overwhelming, feel free to contact the certified pest control company in Memphis, AAA Termite & Pest Control, to get rid of ants in your home or business.
  • Wasps– Wasps that emerge in the spring are often female and survived by remaining warm in a structural crack or attic eave soffits. The females are remainders of the previous year’s wasp nests that died during the winter season. Although they strive to enter nature, they can often end up in your home. Cordova’s certified pest control technicians explain that the female wasps are slow and non-aggressive and will not sting until provoked or picked up.
  • Rodents– As the winter comes, rodents seek refuge in homes and areas where they can stay warm. Unfortunately, the rodents often multiply, and a large family will emerge in the spring. The qualified pest control technicians in Memphis near you can inspect your home for the tiniest entry points for rodents so that you need not worry about them inside your home.
  • Earwigs, Millipedes, and Centipedes– These ground crawling pests sneak their way into your home through cracks in the windows, doors, or utility entrances to your home. Therefore, it is critical to detect and protect your home from these pests before they have the chance to enter your humble abode. Choose year-round pest control protection for your home from an experienced Cordova pest control company.
  • GroundSpiders – Ground spiders are common in the spring as they emerge from hibernating throughout the winter. Spiders can appear on your deck, in your basement, in the garage, or in another myriad place that is dark and cool. So, as you begin spring cleaning, the pest control experts in Memphis warn you to keep a sharp eye for siders, especially the more dangerous black widow and brown recluse.

A Few More Tips

As the temperatures warm up in the spring and the pests begin to emerge, most pests found in the spring survived in the structure through harsh winter temperatures. However, wasps are unique because, in temperate climates, they begin a new nest every spring. Nonetheless, if the spring insect flies, you are sure to see them when you turn on the outdoor lights at night. A word of caution, attracting the flying insects also attracts spiders that eat them for food. Therefore, limit outdoor lights close to your home’s structure to prevent easy access to your property. That is one reason quality pest control services are best for your home.

Pest Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Springtime is a season of beginning again and rebirth. No matter if it is your backyard flower garden, your hanging herb plant, or unwanted pests, you can enjoy your outdoor spring relaxing time with the proper pest protection. For quality service that can protect your home and family from common spring pests, feel free to contact your professional Cordova pest control specialist, AAA Termite & Pest Control, by calling (901) 457-1117 or contact us online.