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3 Signs you need a Termite Inspection

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Termites are tiny pests that can invade your home year-round and hide within your home’s structure, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage. Whether you notice termites inside your home, on your property, or are purchasing a new home, a termite inspection can help give you peace of mind. Therefore, our Memphis area termite control experts at AAA Termite & Pest Control share three signs you need a termite inspection so that you can protect your home against wood-destroying insects and maintain your investment.

  1. You Notice Infestation Signs

Uncovering signs of a termite infestation on a property you manage or own should ignite action to prevent severe structural damage resulting in expensive repairs. Therefore, when you notice one of the two most common termite infestation signs, damaged paint and mud tubes, it’s best to contact our qualified termite control company in the Memphis area to examine and treat the infestation.

  • Damaged Paint – Chips and cracks in exterior home paint are an invitation for termites. Therefore, inspect your home’s exterior paint to ensure complete coverage and prevent wood-destroying pests from infiltrating exposed wood.
  • Mud Tubes – Mud tubes are the subterranean pathways termites create to travel from the damp, dark ground into your home. In most cases, mud tubes are formed on your home’s foundation and can be seen on the outside of the foundation wall or the wall’s interior if you have a crawlspace.
  1. You Witness a Termite Swarm

Typically during warmer months, termites swarm when it’s time to mate, reproduce, and establish a new colony. However, an established colony within your home can yield indoor swarms when your home’s well-heated. Therefore, witnessing a termite swarm on your property is a grave indication of a termite infestation within the immediate area. You may not see the insect swarm in some cases, but you may notice discarded swarmer wings on your property or in windowsills. Whether you witness a termite swarm or notice discarded wings, it’s crucial to contact a Cordova termite control company for inspection and treatment recommendations.

  1. You’re a Memphis Area Realtor

A crucial factor in a potential Memphis homeowner’s decision to purchase a particular home is the result of a termite inspection. Once our expert termite inspectors in Memphis examine the property, we issue a termite letter to the potential home buyer. If our technicians uncover evidence of termites, we will provide a treatment plan with an estimate to resolve the termite infestation as soon as possible. Additionally, if significant structural damage is present, our technicians will notate the conditions in the report and recommend that a building contractor inspect the home’s structure for safety.

Termite Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Finding evidence of termites can make you feel uneasy, especially if you’re buying a home in Memphis. Although it can be challenging to determine the extent of your home’s termite infestation with an untrained eye, Memphis area termite control experts can investigate and uncover termites hiding in your home. If you notice termite signs around your home or property or are a Memphis realtor who needs a termite inspection for your client, feel free to contact AAA Termite & Pest Control at (901) 737-7378 or contact us online to schedule an inspection today! Then, you will know the extent of the infestation and damages, and you can begin treating the problem before significant structural damage occurs.