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Expert Advice on Preparing for Termite Season

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Spring marks the official beginning of the termite swarming season. Although termites are active year-round, male termites leave their existing colonies to mate, forming termite swarms. Next, these swarms look for a place to call home, which could be yours! Termite swarming season usually begins around the first of spring and may last into late fall as warm temperatures continue. You may or may not spot a termite swarm because termites remain well hidden within walls, flooring, and inside structures where they find a constant food source – wood. Unfortunately for homeowners, your home is the perfect place for termites to set up camp and feast away, destroying the structural integrity of your house. The best way to protect your most significant investment is to take the necessary steps to prevent termites in the first place. Therefore, today on the blog, AAA Termite & Pest Control, a termite control company in Cordova, shares expert advice on preparing for termite season.

Identifying Termite Swarms

This time of year, especially as the temperatures warm, even more, you may notice various winged insects flying around in groups. However, it is essential to know the difference between these two common flying insects so that you know whether you’re dealing with wood-destroying insects or not. Flying ants and termites often are confused. However, termite wings are equal in size and measure twice as wide as the length of their bodies and appear translucent. However, flying ants have wings about the same size as their body and appear brown. Termite bodies appear broad-waisted, while flying ants are more slender, and their bodies appear segmented.

Why termites are a big deal

Termites cost homeowners billions of dollars worth of damage each year, with the average cost of damages estimating about $3,000. The worst part is that most homeowners insurance policies do not cover termite damage unless you specifically have termite damage coverage, which is rare. However, you must contact your insurance company to find out whether you have this type of coverage or not. Either way, a termite protection plan from a pest control company in Cordova is the best way to prevent termites and termite damage in the first place. Year-round termite protection could cost less than a homeowner’s insurance deductible, even if you have termite coverage under your policy.

Where do termites live?

Termites live underground, although they travel inside homes and wooden structures via mud tubes, which protect them from daylight. They travel through mud tubes, which can be found in crawlspaces or alongside the foundation of a home or structure, to access their food source – wood. Termites prefer to remain hidden behind walls, under flooring, inside of wooden support beams, and out of visibility, so it often takes a professional pest control technician to identify termite infestations.

However, we recommend homeowners be on the lookout for the following:

  • Blisters in wood flooring
  • Termite droppings, which look like tiny grains or seeds
  • Discarded termite wings
  • Dead termites (usually brown or black)
  • Hollow or damaged wood

If you notice signs of termites, your home could be under attack. The best course of action is to call a professional termite company near you in Memphis. We provide termite treatments, inspections, and year-round termite protection. To learn more, please contact AAA Termite & Pest Control at (901) 737-7378 or visit us online today.