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How Serious are Termites in Memphis?

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You might think that termites are a summer pest. However, they remain active during the winter months too. Understanding the gravity of their destruction and how it can negatively impact the investment in your home can paint a picture of how serious termites are in Memphis. Termites have a reputation for low detectability and can quietly destroy your home in between the walls for years before getting discovered. Therefore, the professional termite control company in Memphis, AAA Termite and Pest Control, shares details about termites and how you can protect your home from a termite infestation.

What is the most dangerous type of termite?

The subterranean termite is the most dangerous of the species in the United States. Unfortunately, the subterranean termite is responsible for 90 percent of all termite damage in the country. The Cordova pest control professionals forewarn Memphis residents about the dangers of subterranean termites and the likelihood of them creating a home inside your walls.

How much damage can a tiny termite do?

The pest size does not match the amount of damage a termite can cause to your home. Despite their 5/8 of an inch-long size from their head to the tips of their wings, termites feed on your home’s structure 24 hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year under the right conditions. Unfortunately, the termite queen could live between 15 to 25 years and produce multiple colonies that attack your home in various areas. The Memphis termite control company near you explains that termites can quickly reduce equity in your home and could require expensive repairs.

How much do repairs cost for termite damage?

Homeowners insurance companies typically do not offer termite damage coverage unless the situation is particular to their coverage terms. That means when you have a termite infestation in your Memphis home, you could be responsible for the total costs, which could be a staggering expense. On average, the cost to repair termite damage could range from 3,000 to 4,000 dollars, respectively. The best way to mitigate the high price is to have a certified pest control technician in Cordova visit your property regularly and monitor your home’s pest control situation. Catching the termites before developing a large infestation could save you thousands of dollars and keep the equity of your home intact.

How can I detect termites in my home?

According to the professional pest technicians in Memphis, subterranean termites are sneaky little pests that can be incredibly challenging to detect. The termites enter your home through the ground and feed secretly, making a little sound to avoid detection. Subterranean termites are so quiet that they lived inside the White House walls for several years before detection. Also, termite workers despise the daylight and refuse to show themselves. Therefore, you may only uncover worker or soldier termites after you begin a home project that involves digging or home renovation. However, you may see swarmer termites outside your home for a few minutes, but they usually disappear after approximately 30 minutes to mate and return to hiding.

Termite Pest Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Uncovering termites in your Memphis home may cause shock and concern. Since termites are resilient and try their best to keep the colony alive, they can be challenging to exterminate. Therefore, the Cordova qualified pest control technicians recommend treating a termite infestation through professional services instead of attempting to eradicate them yourself, which provides less-than-stellar results. Call AAA Termite and Pest Control today at (901) 737-7378 or contact us online to schedule a technician visit today.