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Are those Giant Mosquitoes?

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It’s true. A crane fly resembles the mosquito; both have a long, narrow body and six long legs. You also may see this insect species referred to as a “mosquito hawk.” The good news for humans is that the crane fly does not bite or suck blood like a mosquito. Instead, the crane fly essentially exists to mate, procreate, and produce more crane flies. The larvae of this species, sometimes known as leatherjackets, tend to be found under layers of wet dirt and leaves. They emerge from that cover in the spring and feed on the parts of plants that are above ground.

Crane flies serve another purpose. They are a food source for spiders, birds, mammals, and small fish. So, if you see a crane fly on your property or home, there’s no reason to be alarmed. Just guide it back outside and let nature proceed.

How to limit your risk of mosquitoes

The good news is you won’t be dealing with pests as large as the crane fly. The bad news is that mosquitoes are at their peak this time of year. Mosquitoes like to congregate and breed in standing water, tall grass, and bushes or shrubs—especially when temperatures are high. You can do your part for mosquito prevention by ensuring no areas of standing water on your property, keeping your bushes trimmed, and regularly mowing your yard. For additional protection for your home, seal your doors and windows with screens.

The importance of professional mosquito control

You already know mosquitoes bite and leave itchy bumps behind after feeding. Mosquitoes also pose a health risk; they carry diseases that can harm people and animals, including the West Nile virus, malaria, and heartworms in dogs.

At AAA Termite & Pest Control, we treat for mosquitos using a growth regulator solution that keeps new eggs from hatching, reducing the number of mosquitos. For maximum protection, we recommend regular, ongoing treatments throughout the warm season.

Mosquito Control in Memphis and Cordova, Tennessee

Earn the peace of mind from professional pest control treatments for mosquitos. Our mosquito treatments do not require a contract, but for the most effective prevention, full-season mosquito services are your best bet. Mosquitos will continue to thrive throughout the summer. That’s why we carry the option for customers to continue their mosquito prevention treatments through October.

To find out more about mosquito control or any of our other services, contact the office of AAA Termite & Pest Control today by calling (901) 737-7378 to schedule an estimate with one of our technicians.