Debunking Mosquito Control Myths

Debunking Mosquito Control Myths

Debunking Mosquito Control MythsServing Memphis, Cordova, Germantown & Collierville TN

Warm sunny weather is the perfect time for outdoor activities or events. Unfortunately, when you have uninvited guests like mosquitos, it can ruin the occasion. Getting covered in mosquito bites and experiencing the incessant itching can make almost anyone willing to try anything to keep mosquitoes away. In most cases, store-bought mosquito control tactics fail to produce effective results. Our Memphis mosquito control specialists debunk mosquito control myths on the blog today so that you can stop wasting money on ineffective treatments.

Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a commonly believed remedy to ward off mosquitoes. Although the candles may be pretty and add to your outdoor decor, the strong scent meant to mask the attractive smells yields varying and debatable results. According to the CDC, citronella products fail at repelling mosquitos effectively. Furthermore, the citronella candle smoke and scent may aggravate individuals with respiratory conditions like asthma.

Mosquito Coils

An inexpensive and easily transportable method to keep mosquitoes away from your next outdoor gathering is mosquito coils. Studies show their effectiveness, provided the coils remain unbroken after shipping. Mosquito coils contain a substance mixture that slowly smolders to keep mosquitoes away. Unfortunately, some studies illustrate that burning one coil is akin to burning approximately 75 to 137 cigarettes. Therefore, using the product and inhaling the smoke emitted could place your health at risk.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Wearing a mosquito repellent bracelet requires minimal effort. Even though it may look smashing with your party outfit, a mosquito repellent bracelet fails to provide full-body coverage. Therefore, if you wear one on your wrist, mosquitoes may still attack your ankles and legs. Additionally, mosquito repellent bracelets are an attempt to keep mosquitoes away from you. However, when you have a large gathering, providing ineffective repellent bracelets for your guests can be expensive.

Tennis Racket Bug Zapper

A tennis racket bug zapper can help reduce mosquitoes that come too close. However, the tennis racket bug zapper requires hyper-awareness of mosquitoes and reduces your time monitoring the grill or catching up with guests. In many cases, purchasers feel like the effort to get rid of mosquitoes with the tennis racket bug zapper is more similar to a workout. Furthermore, our Memphis pest control company explains that the bug zapper can be harmful to children, issuing a small shock when turned on and touched.

Mosquito Control in Memphis and Cordova, Tennessee

Waking up in the middle of the night to scratch mosquito bites after an evening outdoors can have you seeking mosquito remedies on the internet the next day. Unfortunately, however, many store-bought mosquito control products fail to protect you and your family effectively. Therefore, if you avoid spending time outside because of an overwhelming mosquito population, feel free to contact AAA Termite & Pest Control and ask about our mosquito treatment services in Cordova. Our experienced technicians can assess your mosquito condition and offer solutions to reduce the occurrence of mosquitoes on your property. Please contact our office at (901) 737-7378 or online to schedule an appointment today.