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Pests to Look out for this Spring in Cordova

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Spring is here, which means warmer temperatures and more daylight hours. We also enjoy beautiful blooms and a colorful landscape as nature seems to awaken and come alive again. However, spring is also a time when we see more pests. Ants, flies, termites, and stinging insects emerge and can quickly ruin your outdoor fun or invade the inside of your home. So today, on the blog, our experienced pest control company in Cordova wants you to know which pests to look for this spring and how to keep them from infesting your home or business.

  • The Common Ant– Ants are usually harmless unless they enter your home searching for food, crumbs, or sugar. And sometimes they ruin a good time during a picnic with friends. Common ants usually do not bite, but they can be a nuisance if invading your kitchen or pantry. However, carpenter ants can typically colonize and are known as wood-destroying insects, which means that their diet consists of wood. So, carpenter ants are about as big of a threat as termites. If you spot ants inside your home, it’s best to find out which type of ant you’re dealing with to take the proper action. We recommend calling the best pest control company in Memphis, AAA Termite & Pest Control, for an inspection and treatment recommendation.
  • The Ladybug – Ladybugs are common and easily identifiable with their little red bodies donning black polka dots. They usually spend the cold winter months indoors. However, similar to ants, you usually won’t see just one. Ladybugs also travel and colonize. Ladybugs often are found around window sills and may attract other unwanted pests inside your home. Therefore, if you spot ladybugs inside, it’s best to call a trained pest control technician for treatment.
  • The Termite– Termites are the most well-known wood-destroying insects that cost billions of dollars in damage each year. While they are small, they are mighty and can destroy a wooden structure in no time. If you notice discarded termite wings inside your home, mud tubes along the foundation or in your crawlspace, or discover hollow-sounding wood in your home, it’s time to call a pest control company in Cordova that treats termites. We can provide a termite inspection and treatments to get rid of wood-destroying insects for good.
  • The House Fly– One of the most irritating and filthy pests is house flies. They harbor diseases harmful to people and pets, and it’s best to prevent them in the first place. We recommend ensuring all windows have screens without holes or tears. Remove trash from inside your home daily. Avoid leaving dirty dishes or leftover food scraps lying around the kitchen or sink. And during seasons when we experience more flies than usual, like during the spring and summer, consider placing fly strips near commonly used entryways like your front or back door and garage door.

Pest Control Services in Cordova and Memphis, TN

Spring is a beautiful time of year that many people welcome. However, the warm weather and longer daylight hours also bring more pests than usual. If you’d like to learn more about professional pest control treatments in Cordova or find a qualified pest control company to serve your needs, please call AAA Termite & Pest Control at (901) 737-7378.