buying house with previous termite damage

Should you buy a House that had Previous Termite Damage?

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When the housing market has multiple homes to choose from, you may struggle to reach a final decision. Among many characteristics of each property, the results of your termite inspection report should be a crucial element in your decision-making process. Of course, the mere presence of termites alone is not necessarily a deal-breaker. Still, it should receive consideration before you invest a significant amount of time or money into any property. Therefore, our Memphis area termite control company, AAA Termite & Pest Control, shares factors you should consider before buying a house that had previous termite damage.

Request a Wood-Destroying Insect Report (WDIR)

Most home lenders require an inspection to detect wood-destroying insects such as carpenter bees, wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, and termites. As a new home buyer, a requirement is to have your home inspected by a certified pest control company in Cordova and request a copy of the WDIR. The official WDIR confirms the inspection for organism signs or wood-boring insects, outlines the results down to infestation types, the amount of property damage, and recommended treatments to correct the problems.

Asses the Inspection Results

A home inspection that shows evidence relating to wood-destroying insects doesn’t mean you should immediately call off the sale process. The examination outlines the damage extent to your potential home’s structure, and if it’s minimal, you could continue the purchase and take action to rid your new home of pests. Memphis termite control experts encourage homeowners who reflect damage on their WDIR to seek a building expert’s evaluation. Then, use the building expert’s information to guide you through an informed decision-making process before purchasing a home with termite damage. Here are a few guidance scenarios and recommendations from AAA Termite & Pest Control.

  • Inactive Termites, Isolated Damage – Typically, a Cordova pest control company provides termite control services to reduce the chance that termites will invade your home. Also, if there are signs of damage, repairs can be made either by the home seller or potential buyer after closing.
  • Inactive Termites, Significant Damage Caused by a Previous Infestation – Underlying structural damage could be due to a prior termite infection where damage remains. Make sure the damages are not near or around floor joists or load-bearing walls. Seek an additional inspection from a licensed contractor to determine the damage extent and an estimated repair cost of support beams or floor joists affected by termite damage in the past.
  • Active Termites, but No Reported Damage – Finding out the home you want to purchase has active termites can send up red flags and be heartbreaking. However, with an effective and reliable termite treatment plan, you can effectively reduce your home’s risk for wood-boring insect damage. First, check with the homeowner about any current contract or plan already established for the home. If there is one, ask the seller’s real estate agent to contact the pest control company and alert them to the home’s sale. If there isn’t one, feel free to find a Memphis pest control company for a custom treatment plan suitable to address the termites in your home.
  • Active Termites, Significant Damage – Homes with a vibrant and widespread infestation could garner a legitimate reason to terminate the sale agreement. In addition, significant damage caused by the infestation could require multiple expensive repairs and could cause financial strain on a new homeowner. However, understanding the extent of the damage, as well as potential repair expenses, may be weighed into your decision to purchase the home or walk away from the deal.

Negotiate Repairs

A termite inspection that indicates infestation can be devastating when your family and heart get set on a particular home. However, negotiating the home’s selling price to cover needed repairs is a possibility. The seller either repairs the damages according to the building contractor’s specifications before closing on the property, or the buyer can receive a form of financial compensation to pay for the necessary repairs. Although your realtor should be an expert in negotiating, refreshing your negotiating skills can help during the selling process.

Termite Control in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Choosing the best house for your family can be challenging, with multiple factors to consider. Termite presence is not an immediate deal breaker but could strike concern in a future homeowner. However, with the above tips and the help of our experienced pest control technicians in Cordova, you should be able to confidently make good decisions when it comes to the home buying process. Once you find your dream home, call our AAA Termite & Pest Control office at (901) 737-7378 to secure termite prevention services and protect your home’s investment.