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Why Routine Pest Control Treatments are a Must

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Your home is a comfortable place to lay your head, hang your hat, and fully relax. You may spend a lot of time and money making your home feel that way, resulting in a significant investment. Unfortunately, your home’s comfort and value can plummet when pests are out of control and causing damage to its structure. Therefore, our Memphis area pest control experts at AAA Termite & Pest Control share on the blog today why routine pest control treatments are a must to protect your home’s investment and value.

Why is pest control an investment?

The regular upkeep and maintenance of a home can increase its value and buyer appeal. Homes that not only look nice on the inside and outside but are also structurally sound are more likely to sell at a higher price and faster than homes with pest problems. Therefore, investing in a pest control treatment program with a trusted Cordova pest control company can help you boost your home’s value and give you peace of mind.

Can pest control prevent home damage?

Pests are notorious for invading homes and making themselves comfortable. Unfortunately, that typically means your home’s structure is under attack and can experience severe damage. Our Memphis pest control pros share more details below on how damage may occur from common household pests like termites and mice.

  • Termites

The most common and damaging pest infestation is termites. These silent eaters cause more than $5 billion in home damages every year. When termites enter your home, they begin to feed on the cellulose within the wood, essentially weakening your home’s structure. Unfortunately, without hiring expert termite control services in Cordova to control termites, your home could suffer extensive structural damage that requires a significant financial commitment to repair. Additionally, termites often seek additional wood sources in your home like floorboards, baseboards, and furniture. In fact, they can also chew through drywall, carpet, and insulation. With regular termite inspections, you can dramatically reduce the termite impact on your home and preserve its value.

  • Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are notorious for chewing on anything that hinders them from reaching a food source or obtaining an item needed to build their nest. For example, mice enjoy chewing paper, wood, carpet, cloth, insulation, and wires. Unfortunately, their presence is an immediate fire hazard that should receive prompt attention to prevent losing your home due to a fire. Our Memphis rodent control specialists warn that mice and rats may cause exterior damage when they chew a large access hole to enter your home. With damages inside your home’s walls, it can be an expensive endeavor to repair them, especially for electrical issues. Therefore, routine pest control services can help you monitor for new activity and address the situation immediately before the damage becomes too severe and tragedy strikes.

How can pest control services give me peace of mind?

Living in a comfortable home means not worrying about the presence of pests. Not only do pest control services help keep pests from invading your home, but they help protect your home’s structure and value. Therefore, not only will you sleep better knowing pests are less likely to enter your home, but you’ll also have peace of mind when selling your home to someone else. Future home buyers may request a pest inspection on your home before purchasing it. However, if the inspector finds untreated damage, most buyers may change their minds due to the high cost of repairs and structural instability. Therefore, by partnering with a Memphis area pest control company, you can minimize the impact pests have on your home.

Pest Control Services in Cordova and Memphis, Tennessee

Routine pest control treatments are a necessity for proactive prevention against harmful pests. The investment in prevention far outweighs the risks and costs associated with home repairs. Therefore, if you need to establish routine pest control treatments for your Memphis area home, please call our Cordova pest control experts, AAA Termite & Pest Control, at (901) 737-7378 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.